i mean i’m not against twitter

i have this joke for it I’m working on where i say i can’t be bothered to read The Art of Fielding because it sounds a bit inside baseball, but then maybe if I’m joking about Harbach I should go for pretending confusion because I think he means Henry Fielding, which is more me.

hard knock life in a love etc etc lol

7 Post-Dickens Victorian fatigue may dampen celebrations of twin bicentenaries, of Robert Browning’s birth and Edward Lear’s on 12 May. Together they can claim an influence that has filtered through to all surreal or nonsense literature and anyone writing in character, from Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© to Carol Ann Duffy.

It’s the obviousness that disappoints me. I don’t think any serious writer on hip hop would dispute Browning’s influence on Hova.

(If I were the twitter sort we could have such fun mashing up browning & jay-z titles! I’d think of a clever hashtag, and we’d all be full of clever jokes. But I’m not and here we are)

(Actually I’m grateful to this article. I didn’t realise it was the Browning bicentenary.)