Bye Ivor. I really liked you.

I haven’t posted in an age. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been moving flat. I find this hard. I am moving in with the love of my life, but she’s making me put many of my books in the attic, which to my mind implies I’ve fallen for some kind of sea-witch, or possibly a lamia. However, she’s a foxy librarian, so what can you do?

Things here will be busier soon. I want, in particular, to write about something I’ve only got time to mention briefly now, and that’s Ivor Cutler. I’m very sad at his death.

A 2 meg mp3.

You know how TV presenters say ‘genius’ after showing a Robbie Williams video or a clip of Richard Madeley doing something stupid? I wish they wouldn’t. The word means something, and Cutler was it.

(Best coverage? The Mirror’s SILLY POET DIES AT 83)