God. Now he’s posting his holiday snaps.

Oh yeah.

I forgot I said I’d post those pictures of Pessoa-ey places from Lisbon.

Here’s a cafĂ© he used to sit in most days:

Much more interesting is this rubbish tile-portrait of Charles II:

As a tile, it sadly doesn’t quite qualify for my long-incubated Crap Delft project, in which I heartlessly mock the primitive grasp of anatomy in crude blue-and-white china representations of all-but forgotten 18th-century events.

In fact it has nothing on its companion, which, though I don’t speak Portuguese, may have been called ‘Catherine of Braganza portrayed as a late-career no-hoper boxer’:

I saw it at the tile museum. The Portuguese seem to love tiles and pineapples. Why is that, wonder?

Anyway, the important thing is that I took this picture of a sea otter:

Look at the little fella!