Improbable Slashfic Revisited

Following on from the encounter between Dalziel and Pascoe (but not to be confused with the Dragonball/Anne Frank Hitler-fighting crossover, which was simply fanfic and not really sexual THANK GOD), here’s another piece of slash that makes me feel slightly perplexed. Let’s see if you can guess which early 80s Channel 4 TV series we have here:

It must have been half an hour or more before I regained my senses; my recollections of that time are limited to the solemnity with which F—— accepted and returned my declaration; his soft laugh as I scattered kisses on his face and hands; the foolish endearments we exchanged which seemed appropriate to the time and the situation but which would be cheapened by being set down in writing. At length I recall gathering him to me once again and burying my face in his curls, while he addressed himself to my collarbone.