All this and presenting ‘Ask the Family’

Couple of nods in this direction

1) Agreed.

2) Weird. I was thinking on the bus today about Chris Petit, and the way his new books (‘the thinking man’s airport thrillers!’) don’t acknowledge he’s the author of Robinson and director of Radio On. I wondered if I shouldn’t post something about it, or read The Passenger, but STML’s already there. And frankly, does a better job than I would have.

I guess all I’ve got to add is a discussion of the eternal Robinson.

Back in the day, myself and a pal wanted to set up a sort of literary email newsletter. Reviews and mockery, mostly. There are some ideas left over from our discussions which I still think worth doing – readers monitoring remainder bookshops for good finds to share is nice and practical – but it didn’t really come to anything in that form (though for me, it mutated into the Books Diary, then this site. And here we all are! Tea, anyone?)

After long debate, we decided to call it Robinson.

It’s just the great literary name. Let’s go through them!



Let’s not. This has been removed because I want to use the Robinson list for something else. It was an interesting idea thrown away. I’ll post when that something else comes out.