Blog-reading—also how it started for Proust

Congrats to Zadie Smith: last week posting maudlin comments on blogs, this week winner of the Orange Prize for Ladies’ Fine Writing.

I didn’t like the book: so, if a late night blog-crawl has landed you here, Zadie, don’t follow this link. It’ll only upset you (Summary: you shouldn’t have used ‘cernuous’. Also, bollock the editor – they let through ‘hallelujah’ spelt two different ways in a single paragraph. And also forgot to tell you which bits of the novel didn’t work, which is probably the bigger dereliction of duty now I think about it.)

Anyway, I too have trouble getting out of bed. Perhaps a pet or child would help? They often make agitating noises or display a playful interest in one’s nose early in the morning. The frustrating lack of a snooze function qualifies my endorsement.

[Edit: Oh – my jabbering! I forgot to say that the whole post at Eve’s Alexandria is a strong analysis of what’s wrong with OB, and that the whole site is terrific. I’m wondering why I haven’t been there before. Laziness?]