The last Four: Who to support?

A simple and rational process. Examine, if you will, the finest cultural artefacts that can be found on Youtube for each competing nation.

1) Italy

Gabry Ponte feat. Little Tony: Figli Di Pitagora

Like the man says:

Siamo figli di Pitagora e di Casadei
di Machiavelli e di Totò
cresciuti con una morale cattolica
e con il rock’n’roll
siamo figli di Pitagora e di Trinità
di Michelangelo e Dario Fo’
cresciuti con una morale cattolica
e con il rock’n’roll

Yes. My knowledge of Italian is shaky, which is to say I can’t speak it, but it looks to me Little Tony is claiming that they are children of Pythagoras, and also someone called Casadei. Had to google that one: I reckon it’s Barbara Casadei, reader in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Oxford Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology. I always got the impression that even if Eiffel 65 never practised medicine, they kept up with the literature.

Anyway, they seem to like Dario Fo, rock’n’roll and the crescendo of a catholic morality. I think you’ll agree we’ve immediately set a very high bar.

2) Portugal

Skaters in Lisbon, Pessoa video poems. Fuck ’em. They won’t be winning.

3) Germany

Clearly represented by current Boingboing favourite Raumpatrouille

Or as I prefer to call it, Heimat IV.

4) France


Oh Hell. They’re running away with it…

That one especially tickles me. Gainsbourg reminds me so much of myself arriving at the office of a morning. I often banter in the same way with my unbelievably hot scientist-maid.

It just..



Allez Les Bleus!