Who can distinguish darkness from the soul?

I was County Galway recently.


It’s the actual real Tower, as in ‘The Tower and Other Poems’


It’s the actual winding stair! The actual real winding stair, as in ‘The Winding Stair and Other Poems’.

You’ll probably all recognise this picture:

It’s Yeats’s famous Twig Room.

If you’re wondering whether that is a ghost that can just be made out, hanging in the aether like a reflection in a glass door, then I’d have to say yes, yes it is. If you push me, money on Con Markiewicz. Maybe Eva Gore-Booth, outside chance it’s Georgie. But definitely a ghost.


Yeats’s TV room. You’ll notice the TV is on standby. That’s in case his spirit ever returns and wants to watch Zig and Zag. He had it written into his will.

(Incidentally, on a sort of more serious note, has anyone ever met anyone who actually believes the meat of Yeats’s systems? That is, all the stuff about the masks and the Gyres? I’d just be fascinated to know of someone saying “Yeah – I buy that!”)