Henceforth, I shall be known as Mentallo, Rescuer of books! (also, way to get delinked)

Do you fear my psychic powers? Do you?

You should.

Regular readers will recall that back in the day I bothered Penguin to see whether they’d be bringing Patrick Hamilton’s The Slaves of Solitude back into print. They said no.

However, over the summer, I was very pleased to see this in a London bookshop:

Yup, thanks to Constable and Robinson The Slaves of Solitude is back in print! Hooray. This is obviously due to my magickal powers and not a sudden resurgence of Hamilton’s rep due to television and newspaper interest, so, as I say, fear me.

I’ve mentioned before that it’s one of the best books ever about bores, but there’s a deal more to it than that: dismal England in wartime, power-plays and hatred in slight friendships, and of course the classic Hamilton nightmare trip through drunken disconnected scenes. No-one does it like you, P.

Mad props to C&R.

Penguin, you still have time to make amends. One copy of the new Pynchon on my doorstep by Friday. Clean slate.

Next for redemption – The Senior Commoner by Julian Hall!

(Fair dues to Penguin: setting up that blog was a fine move I’d say. On the other hand, I really wish it didn’t refer to this site as ‘The London News Review Books Diary’. It makes it look like they plucked the information from a two-year-old article in the NYT or Guardian. They look uncool, and I’m certainly willing to act like I’m offended up until they pacify me with a copy of Against The Day)