I’m making one. It’s set to ‘Wuthering Heights’

We at TMB (or, if you prefer, I at TMB) are (am) keen followers (follower) of developments in fan fiction, esp the literary variety. A correspondent today pointed us (me) to the phenomenon of Jane Eyre fan videos.

It almost makes me like Coldplay.

Possibly better than the original. Certainly shorter.

Yes, they may have more to do with a youthful longing to have Toby Stephens lock you in an attic than appreciation of occupation stroke transformation of bourgeois form by the repressed irrational, but this is good thing, no? as crushes/passion/fantasy/I AM JANE EYRE are part of the big first why for reading books. And wasting time posting images of screen crushes is a fabulous way to deal with boredom.

It was I AM STEPHEN DEDALUS for me for a while. Sadly, I wasn’t. I moved on to ‘I am Raskolnikov’ next. They still haven’t found the bodies.

(correspondent found this in an internal BBC blog, so no credit link I’m (we’re) afraid.)