I should pay more attention to this internet thing

Round table that excites me because it features John Crowley. Also, talk of Pynchon and hollow-earth nuts, separately. Did they know hollow-earth stuff was coming in ‘Against the Day’? Good instincts if they didn’t.

I’ve just found out that Crowley has a livejournal. He’s the first writer I wholly love that’s done this, and I’m pleased to see it’s a nice, chatty, interesting place. More importantly, super-happy to find out that there’s a new volume of Aegypt due, and that the first three might be coming back into print. It’s high time. Check out Abe or Amazon for prices on Aegypt or Love & Sleep: £20 for ropey paperbacks

The situation in Britain with his novels is especially flakey – I’ve only seen imports of The Evening Land, I don’t think either of the last two Aegypts were published over here, and my copy of Novelties & Souvenirs appears to be a US ed as well. Little, Big wasn’t even available for what seemed like forever (I’m not sure it’s ever even had that cult status over here that it has in the States – I’ve certainly met far fewer enthusiasts. I love it. Keep going back to it. I feel like there’s something right at the centre of it that I don’t get, but is right, or important. It’s Smoky, I think: being in but not of the story – sad. And of course bits of keep coming back to me. Sometimes I know why, sometimes not. Something I’m working on has brought the Holy Roman Empire to mind; the ars memoria too; but why have I been thinking about the changeling baby a lot? Anyway, it’s the one contemporary novel for which this deal could pique my i.)

I complain about this stuff a lot less now, since we can hop on Amazon and get an import, but it is still utterly screwy: he’s one of the most interesting writers around, and I feel like it’s disrespectful that we publish and purchase, say, let’s pick an example, top of my head…

While the good stuff doesn’t get an airing.

(If you’d like to email and tell me that Peter Kay is in fact ‘class’, then here are some hints: it’s ‘snobby’, not ‘snoby’, I think I’m ‘beter’ than you because your mother told me so, and ‘Aids’ usually still takes an initial cap. K? So fire away, but please bear in mind how small the shit I actually give is.)