Now I’m officially web2.0! (If you believe that statement, plz be in touch. TMB is an investment opportunity not to miss)

I’d lost a chunk of Saturday pondering the imponderables (if you turned on a TV and saw Kirsty Wark and Mark Lawson talking to one another, would it be possible to know with certainty who was interviewing whom? Can I persuade one of Tobiases Hill and Jones to change their Christian name so that I can retain a distinct idea of which is which? I’m pretty sure they’re both okay, but I end up in total confusion whenever I try to think about them. I like the sound of the utopias book that the one who wrote the Italian book has coming out – but is that Hill or Jones? I’m pretty sure it’s the LRB one, and not the poet one. But do they in fact both write poems? And does the one who isn’t the LRB one appear in the LRB sometimes?), so I thought I’d better head to the site and do something constructive.

That was a roundabout way of saying there’s now a linkroll in the sidebar.

(I’m also at, so say hello if you are too)