Free Book! Free Quite Boring Book!

I finished my D.Phil 5 years ago. I passed, with minor corrections. Thanks to a gift for procrastination that could wipe the floor with yours – and would, but it’s busy playing Robotron on MacMame – I only resubmitted the corrected version this summer.

So, I’m a doctor of sorts, and hold the copyright of a thesis on John Dryden’s late poetry and the culture of the 1690s.

There’s a page here with more information and a PDF for download. It’s a work for specialists: if you know any, pass the word along, but don’t go reading it for kicks (I think there’s half a joke in it somewhere, but that’s about Sir Richard Blackmore).

I’ve (CC)ed it. I’m not sure it’s hugely appropriate, but I felt the need to make it clear that if Erol Alkan decides to produce a remix of my thesis for non-commercial ends, then he’s free to do so.

If anyone knows the score with places I should list this, let me know. I’ll google around a bit this evening, but most likely will miss something.

The theorists might like to note I say something about Deleuze and Guattari, war machines and rhizomes somewhere right at the back.

I’m probably proudest of the fact that Prof. AD Nuttall was the internal examiner. I’m just now reading his old collection of essays The Stoic in Love; he’s not widely heralded as critics go, but is one of living greats.