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I have one last thing to say about the all-join-up-for blogs-v-papers fuss from last year.

Having read Sutherland’s original article, I see that he was more focussed on Amazon reviewers, and, while I can see his point, I think he’s still wrong. I don’t really want to get into this but, essentially, the potential buyer knows how to assess Amazon reviews, which means Sutherland’s misunderstood the topology of this network – that’s to say the relationship between buyer, multiple reviewers and book – by underestimating the agency of the reader. OMG I sound dead clever lol.

Anyway, I suddenly had a great deal of sympathy for Sutherland’s point of view while promenading the web the other day, and realised if he’d just written the following sentence, it would have been almost impossible to disagree with him: “I’m simply worried that literary criticism will be reduced to the level of analysis and discussion found at songmeanings.net.”