Court & Social, 15th January 2007

Tomorrow, which is today, or possibly yesterday, or maybe even a bit ago, because I can’t dictate when you read this (and isn’t that the beauty of the internet? Isn’t that what we all believe in? What we’re all fighting for?), there’s a new spoken word night starting at Indo. 3am have organised; Lee Rourke, Adelle Stripe and Heidi James are all in action.

So just to make it clear, it’s taking place on Monday the 15th. That’s Monday, the 15th. I can see how you’d be confused by all that tomorrow-or-today business, especially as I’m a bit confused as to whether I should put the posting date or the actual date of the event in the title of the post. I went with the latter, as you can probably see.

I will be sitting somewhere towards the back, I should think. I’m quite shy.