Thanx 4 the add!! Quoof is da bomb!


Only 717 views and 16 friends when I dropped by this afternoon.

It’s the world’s greatest living poet (now official) and also Nigel Smith! Yet they’re way less popular than The Connells or Hegel or Gary Numan.

It’s as though you’re not taking it seriously!

I’m going to drop by again next week and I want to see a lot more friends and a lot of noise in the comments section. Here is the picture I would post were I willing to give NewsInt the run of my social and cultural life:

I’m sure you can find your own.

(By the way, despite Muldoon’s strength as a poet, I cannot conceive of his contributing to a song that could touch the singular and mysterious melancholy of ’74-75′ by The Connells.)

(Not quite worked-out joke: something about Nigel Smith supporting either the Levellers or the New Model Army)