New Here? Don’t Go past the end of the lane after midnight


Are you here because you saw me in Time Out?

You’re very welcome.

If you’re looking to kill time and see what’s here, the archive for January 2006 is the best place to start. A lot of things got dumped there when I moved in.

I ought to warn you that I don’t update that often, and I’m not especially London-oriented. But drop in occasionally if you like what you see.

What am I reading at the moment? Charmed that you’d ask!

Review: it’s a lot like the old collected, but the type is bigger and it has that most excellent picture on the dustjacket.

He’s terrific. I forget how terrific sometimes. He masters a plain, clear line well before Auden – it’s a lot of brilliant verse with constancy, sureness and reach. I’ll try to say more later.