First the Master Returns, and now me


I haven’t posted in a while?

Nonsense. I posted. Posted lots. Dog et it.

Anyhow, first up, I’m looking forward to London Lit Plus. I enjoyed the old Clerkenwell Literary Festival, and this looks like a cracking successor. The events are all listed at the link, and there’s a facebook group too.

There is a literary pub quiz on the 29th, which sounds like it might be fun. If you’d like to be on The Midnight Bell’s team, please send a copy of your CV, a list of the books you own plus any library/borrowed titles read in the last year (Author, Title .xls or ISBN-13 .txt, please. Librarything pages okay, I suppose) and a covering letter explaining what you’ll bring to the table. I will be distributing a brief-ish quiz (or ‘exam’) to all applicants: you may want to put aside an hour or two for the essay section.

Do not be disappointed if you are rejected: you haven’t failed; it simply means you weren’t good enough.

If you wanted to think of a funny name, that would be helpful.

Blogs and other such: I’ve been reading Baroque in Hackney, Emma Payne’s writing, Vunex, Sit Down Man…, and Heaven Tree. And I liked diarydear too, but then one day I found myself locked out.