God, I’m so


I just finished reading Wikipedia. Who knew there were so many Pokemon?

But that’s it. I’ve reached the end of the Internet. You wouldn’t believe how long Gutenberg took me. And Korean Starcraft fan sites weren’t a short stroll along a tarmacked road neither.

So, bored.

Only cheap laughs at stupid mistakes can cheer me up now.

No no no.

Come on.

There are worthwhile things…


Swift’s Journal to Stella!

This went around the book blogs a little while ago, but I haven’t mentioned it till now because I’m unbelievably lazy. It’s a day-by-day post of Jonathan Swift’s letters back to his friend-partner-confidante-complicated-something in Dublin, written as he’s politicking and meeting people and watching the world in London.

In paper form, the Journal is a bit of a block on the page; it’s kind of dense and unfriendly, full of in-jokes and private language games and names you need to flip to the footnotes to recognise. Once you’re through that, though, it’s tremendous: Swift being funny, sharp, silly, playful, touching – it’s just a really great private book. Swift tends to mean one thing (‘coruscating satire’ & don’t get me started on ‘coruscating”s sliding meaning) to a lot of readers. That obscures a little how much range he has: what a keen observer he is, how well he’s listening to speech and watching the town; how he can be casually and harmlessly funny, just pointlessly entertaining; how he’s firing from an over-inventive imagination that’s racing ahead of itself all the time; and just what a neat stylist he is, whether writing plainly or working up the rhetoric.

There’s never been another like him; the old saeva indignatio doesn’t begin to cover it.

I think it’s a fine service to the world this being up: Paddy (see below for full disclosure!!) was spot on in realising that the Web would serve this well; that the barriers to enjoying it would be greatly reduced with links and daily posting. It’s inspired, of course, by Phil Gyford’s Pepys’ Diary; and I think it would be great to see more things like this. A Wood! Evelyn!

That full disclosure!!: I did the back-end & design work on the site, and the mastermind is a good friend of mine. The hard & impressive work is his; I’m responsible for the things that don’t quite work. Send complaints this way.