The three most exciting words in English: Literary Pub Quiz

Hello everyone.

Last year there was a Literary Pub Quiz. My team, of course, won, because we were the best. You’ll remember, most likely, the victory celebrations – open-top bus, cheering crowds, champagne and speeches in Trafalgar Square, the Queen giving us all a special medal for being cool and smart. I’m just a little embarrassed that I can’t remember where they put up that statue to us.

Anyhow, the quiz returns! This year, however, I won’t be competing, I’ll be setting. This is obvs good news for you because it gives you a chance.

So, come along to the Wheatsheaf on July 14th, and answer some questions of varying degrees of difficulty concerning books. There are prizes. It should be a fun night whatever: I expect a lively crowd, and no-one except me will make fun of you if you get questions wrong.