He’s bringing sexy books

The Bell was down for a month or two there, I know; and, if anyone needed further evidence of my passion for opinionation and yapping’s having waned, the fact I knew this and couldn’t be arsed to tinker with the engine should provide it. I can’t imagine there are many readers left around here, but I guess I must be in some RSS feeds, so let’s get on with things (and apologies if you’ve been hurt by my absence. Fickle, that’s my problem.)

I should have done this a month or two ago, but I’m here to mention Bookkake, the new venture from James of BookTwo, STML and probably some other places too. Busy. He is both a nice man and committed to The Book. Good.

Bookkake is publishing print-on-demand editions of classic… well, I’m a bit stuck for the word. ‘Erotica’ is too genteel for The Torture Garden, and neither that word nor ‘pornography’ fits with Liber Amoris. Filthylit? Saucybooks? Hottext? Adult interest? You probably get the idea, anyway. They’re beautifully designed, with nicely set text and good covers; and they have engaging introductions – Tom McCarthy did The Torture Garden, for instance, and Fanny Hill‘s is by… well, me.

It was fun to write. I’m mostly pleased with it (And given my general level of self-criticism, that’s me saying it’s a goddamn masterpiece, though tbh I’m screaming about my double genteel in the final par).
Anyway, check out Bookkake. Also their blog.

(Edit/update note to self: plz stop browsing sites that mention Bookkake’s books at work, because you’re going to have hella job explaining your AMAZINGLY LEGITIMATE reason for reading Fleshbot and Supervert on the office computers. Supervert‘s a terrific & unsettling writer, incidentally, and also contributes an introduction.)