Amis week: rebutting my critics

People have been worrying that there’s a conflict of interest in my Martin Amis series. “The Midnight Bell,” they say, “The Midnight Bell you conducted one of the most in-depth interviews with Amis on record; anyone can see that a close personal bond developed between the two of you over the course of it. You’re too personally invested in his to work to be a just critic.”

Now, I can see where you’re coming from. It was an important interview (I’m duklaprague, as if you needed reminding), and we were close afterwards, certainly for the rest of 95. He never really got in touch, but I always knew what he was thinking using my magic brain.

However, I believe I have always separated the man and the art (made ‘m’ and ‘art’ from Mart, if you will); and I have been among his harshest critics whenever he’s written anything substandard since, which has happened yknow let’s all be cool here but you’d have to put the dot on the graph somewhere between ‘quite often’ and ‘always’.

Wow that was a long time ago. 15 years! We were both such computer naifs then! Now, now I have a little blog and he ‘logs on’ to read Nemi each morning. How things change.