Amis Week: fine, it’s going fine

Going pretty slowly with The Pregnant Widow, read another chunk of Diarmaid MacCullough’s history of the Reformation instead. Now there’s a real book.

I don’t feel bad about this. You’re not paying me. And you know what? If you did offer to pay me, I’d refuse. It would compromise my independence. I get my loving on the run.

All I’ll say for now is that Amis has mentioned Islam in The Pregnant Widow for the first time. But you know what? I am absolutely certain that he will not mention it again, nor make any ill-informed generalisations about the religion of 1.5bn people, nor introduce any two-dimensional characters just to show us HOW IT IS with Islam and allow other characters to pontificate on HOW IT IS with Islam.

100% confident. Won’t hear another peep.