For Grown-ups? Like Harry/Ron Slashfic?

Taboo. A fascinating subject. How can we know who we are without such limits? Does the not-us define us? Is our freedom created by restrictions? Must we see the mind as a machine hard-wired to scribble arbitrary lines across the world? Good questions all, but a little airy-fairy for the horny-handed pragmatists round these parts. Instead, we’re starting a ongoing list – you can come to the office, and slice my pretty face to ribbons if you catch us using any of the following phrases. If you spot them in a rival publication (note to self – maybe add ‘rival publication’ to list?), please inform me, and I will go round to their offices & cut the author’s p.f. to r.:

  • It’s like Harry Potter for grown-ups
  • Any mention of ‘chicklit’ and ‘pecking order’ in the same sentence
  • If you’re a fan of Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons…(acceptable when followed by ‘consider immolation to spare your family’s honour’)
  • This sensitively written first novel is a touching study of intersecting lives and small epiphanies. A welcome debut from a promising young voice.
  • A Trainspotting for the post-clubbing generation.
  • Cult classic

More to follow.