Let’s Take This Upmarket: Mary Jane vs. Jen

Seems to be all comics today. Everyone’s talking about this big chunk of prose. I’m angry about Time’s top ten trashy reads. Eightball trashy? What, because it’s not Delillo? I shit on you, Time.

Let’s move on to topics of real importance.

Which star of the film Dick is smarter and better read?

The Contenders:


Michelle Williams

Favourite books?
When she started on Dawson’s Creek a bio listed some of her favourite authors: Hesse, Dostoevsky and Vonnegut. Not bad for seventeen or so. A slightly more recent interview has Cities of the Interior by Anias Nin as one of her favourite books. Pretty much everything to her credit so far; however, digging around a little, we can also find references to Ayn Rand. That’s redeemed by this:

The Strand has some amazing stuff–like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, which is the last book I bought.

Writes screenplays, though none produced yet. Also ‘dirty limericks’. This we thoroughly approve of.

Literary films?
Larry McMurtry involved with the forthcoming Proulx adaptation Brokeback Mountain. Outside that, surprisingly thin, though she chooses a lot of interesting parts.

I red-heart Jen

Other Credentials
Wim Wenders created a role specially for her. That’s points. So is the fact that she’s a bibliophile. She owns a 1st ed of The Great Gatsby. She also likes Clinic, Spiritualised and The Streets. Does stage work.



Favourite Books?
Hard to gauge. She read John McEnroe’s autobiography in preparation for her role in Wimbledon. She seems to like Sylvia Plath a lot, claiming that she would have a better Plath than Gwyneth (I’d agree).

Pictures are good

I’m drawing a blank here. We’d better move on.

Literary films?
Anne Rice aside, we can see her in Mother Night, a Vonnegut adaptation, and she’s going to be in the forthcoming version of The Crimson Petal and the White. Eugenides’ Virgin Suicides gave her one of her best roles. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has a title taken from Pope’s ‘Eloisa to Abelard’.


Other Credentials
Wants to adapt and appear in film about Jean Seberg, with special reference to the Black Panthers. That’s so many points. Would like to appear on stage, but not in The Importance of Being Earnest. Mixed signals there.

It’s got to be Michelle. I thought when I started this there’d be more balance, since I knew that Williams was smart and a reader, while Kirsten had been talking about Plath and Seberg recently; as research progressed it became clear that KD’s smart, but MW’s got it through-and-through.

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