He Should Set Up ‘Herzblog’

Enough, enough. We get it, Mart. You like Saul Bellow. You like him a lot. We know.
Hey, but at least you haven’t mentioned Nab..oh… Penultimate paragraph.

Nice points about the elegant variation (no, not that one), and some BIG, TOUGH, MANLY sentences that DO STUFF! But really, seeing Amis fils writing an article on Bellow is disheartening: too predictable.

Now, I’ve made promises of positivity (Self-help tip: each morning, tell yourself one hundred times in the mirror ‘Be happy, smile, and the pigs will crawl to me’), so here are the weekend culture headlines to lift my heart:

  • Martin Amis: Dad was right – Glass of Glenfiddich and the New Dick Francis does beat Nabokov
  • Richard Dawkins: Papal Infallibity Will Lead Us to Truth
  • Tariq Ali: Kashmir – Why You’re Right Not to Give A Shit
  • Tom Paulin: The Quest for Beauty – Politics and Literature Don’t Mix

And so on. At times I weary of my wit’s fecundity.

And Bellow’s place as the ‘greatest American novelist’ is not unchallenged – doesn’t Amis acknowledge the depth of the intelligence and feeling that would defend Pynchon, Roth, DeLillo, or (you saw it coming) Hilton?