Also Noted, 5-11-2004

Look at me! I’m continuing a feature! A round-up of new UK releases for Friday, November 5th (list taken from Bookkoob.)

Peter Porter
Porter’s latest collection is a tribute to the 1987 Sega Arcade Game. The double sestina ‘Insert Coin’ has been especially admired. Porter recently received a Forward Prize for Super Street Fighter II: Championship Edition.

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals
Jonathan Kingdon
Extremely controversial chapter on Homo Sapiens.

Employment, Trade Union Renewal and the Future of Work
Paul Stewart
Allegorical novel. The three titular brothers fight over the legacy of their father (‘System of Monetary Exchange’). Oddly compelling.

An Elizabeth Gaskell Chronology
Graham Handley
Attempt to record the history of the universe from Mrs. Gaskell’s perspective. Extract: “c.1040 B.C.E. Eastern China: Military defeat of Shang dynasty ushers in beginning of Western Zhou era. No relevance to Mrs. Gaskell.” Author has claimed discovery of Flores Man makes entire book redundant.

Pitching My Tent
Anita Diamant
A study of 1950s sexual euphemisms.

Sax’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials
Richard J. Lewis
The section on teratogenic qualities of enalapril maleate is unusual. It simply argues that the book should be called Lewis’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials. Earlier editions are to be preferred.

The Peregrine Falcon
Derek Ratcliffe; Donald Watson
The Peregrine Falcon made the Kessel Run in fifteen parsecs.

Wolves Eat Dogs
Martin Cruz Smith
ExposÈ of football sex scandals in the West Midlands. What did Derek Dougan do?

Bond Girls Are Forever
Maryam D’Abo; John Cork
Aesthetic treatise. Claims that beauty is manifestation of enduring and unchanging forms which underlie the universe, and that Bond Girls offer us immediate access to an experience of this divine. Chapter on Maddy Smith is persuasive; goes astray in its treatment of Bambi and Thumper as shadows of the demiurge; D’Abo confuses Santayana and Santana at points.

Madam Secretary
Madeleine K. Albright
Literary world frustrated at the success of light S&M pornography: still they publish it.

The Changing Face of Economics
David C. Colander; Richard P.F. Holt; J.Barkley Rosser
The changing face of economics.

The Changing Face of Economics
J.Barkley Rosser; Richard P.F. Holt; David Colander
The face of economics has changed