At last! My Dylan/Ashbery/Dollar/Human League/Jackson Mash-Up can be finished!

I’ve never really had much access to broadband. That’s changed over the last little while, so it’s time I added my voice to the chorus of praise for Ubuweb. I don’t know if my French is up to the Lacan and Barthes lectures, but there’s plenty more.

As you might guess, I’m the bright-and-breezy playboy type with nary a care, whistling and winking while I walk the town. My one sorrow? I’ve never found the right soundtrack. What to put on one’s iPod while blowing kisses to giggling Krakowian waitresses on the King’s Road?

Ubuweb has the answer!

Music geeks should also take a look at this ILM thread. I spent much of last night shouting “MY GOD!”

The mash-up mentioned in the title of this post is of course called ‘Self-Portrait in a convex mirror mirror man in the mirror’.