You turn your back for three months

It appears to be connected to Spiked-online. It’s as if the RCP are setting up a network with names quite similar to British literary sites. If I were you, britlitbloggers, I’d get 4ammagazine, that-space and reddysteadybook ASAP. You know these LM types: they start off appearing to be nice, smart leftists, but before you know it they’re running headlines claiming that Jeffrey Archer is the greatest novelist in Britain (‘No – how can you say he’s not? What evidence do you have? You’re just blindly following a soft-left elitist line instead of thinking from a truly revolutionary position. Move outside the old frameworks. The market expresses the will of the mass better than &c.’)

Was Yeats’s Autobiography ghostwritten by Flann O’Brien? The people want to know.

I began to read Ruskin’s Unto This Last and this, when added to my interest in psychical research and mysticism, enraged my Father, who was a disciple of John Stuart Mill’s. One night a quarrel over Ruskin came to such a height that in putting me out of the room he broke the glass in a picture with the back of my head. Another night, when we had been in an argument over Ruskin or mysticism, I cannot now remember what theme, he followed me upstairs to the room I shared with my brother. He squared up to me, and wanted to box, and when I said I could not fight my own Father, replied “I don’t see why you should not”.

Yeats, Autobiographies